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Premium Quality & Built to Last


  • Made by hand in Canada
  • Made of Cordura™ ultra-tough textured nylon
  • 3 large pockets to hold heated stones and bottles
  • Durable and sturdy, so items won't fall out
  • Buckle that easily clips
  • Concealed adjustable sliding belt
  • Easy to clean and can go in the wash
  • Bottles & stones not included


Why is the HSU Stone Holster Great For You?


The HSU Stone Holster is ideal for holding hot stones. This lightweight, stain-resistant stone/oil holster has 3 large pockets to hold your heated stones and 1 smaller pocket to hold a bottle. The high-grade Cordura™ textured nylon keeps the heat in, so your stones can retain heat for longer. The holster slides along the belt allowing you eaier access and added comfort. 



HSU Hot Stone Holster

  • Care Guide Spot Cleaning:

    1. Spot clean with soapy water

    2. Wipe Clean with a clean damp cloth


    Care Guide Washing Machine:

    1. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle

    2. DO NOT DRY

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